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BIPOLE3: FREE semiconductor device numerical simulation software for bipolar transistors including SiGe HBT structures; also simulates various PN Diode & MOSFET devices.

This software was developed by Professor David Roulston at the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, University of Waterloo. BIPOLE3 is an extremely fast and easy to use quasi 3D semiconductor device numerical simulation program. The input data consists of fabrication process parameters (mask layout and impurity profiles). BIPOLE3 generates internal physical properties such as carrier concentrations and electric field versus distance for specified bias conditions. It also automatically scans a useful range of bias voltage and current to provide DC and high frequency terminal electrical characteristics.

The results of the simulations are available in a comprehensive range of user friendly graphics plots.

FREE Windows 10 version - Bipole3-Basic

The free download package Bipole3-Basic is extremely easy to set up and use. Mask layout templates for bipolar transistors with useful default values facilitate establishing useful horizontal input parameters. Vertical impurity atom distributions are supplied as input with a very simple combination of quasi-gaussian functions, again with useful default parameters which enable useful impurity profiles to be established quickly and easily. Simulation is also available for various PN junction diodes, photodiodes, solar cells and basic prototype MOSFETs

The Bipole3-Basic Tutorial Guide (included in the free download) contains many worked examples (the input files are included in the download) for a wide range of bipolar transistors, diodes and MOSFETs and illustrates various simulation options.

Details of the Bipole3-Basic software and comparison with the full commercial or educational Bipole3 program are given here, with download instructions.

This FREE Download version Bipole3-Basic is particularly suitable for educational and research purposes. It has been used extensively for undergraduate courses and for post-graduate research in universities worldwide.

The full commercial or educational Windows 10 licensed version of Bipole3 extends the simulation ability with further options (such as wider temperature range, hydrodynamic model for very high speed HBTs (ft greater than 70 GHz) and templates for advanced technology structures. An important option for industrial use is that impurity profiles can be supplied as input using tabular data. This Full version has been used extensively by industry as a CAD tool for device and device/circuit design and optimization. See our new simplified Licence options. The new Licensed package also includes:

Bip2neut Extension Module with full 2D sidewall solution to further enhance the precision of high performance devices.

SPI Extension Module which automatically generates very accurate BJT SPICE files for circuit CAD. This includes internal verification of the fitting precision of model parameter extraction with graphics displays of results.

The Tutorial Guide for the full commercial or educational Bipole3 (V6.0) has been updated and is now available with many worked examples including graphics plots. This may be used both to obtain a good idea of the power of Bipole3 and also to assist the new user of this software. The Bipole3 Reference Manual has been completely revised for version 6.0 (2015). This is available in PDF format by email request (see below).

Extensive feedback from leading industrial semiconductor manufacturers enabled the program to be kept up-to-date with advanced technology.

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